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Hello, I'm New here.

By chance, I came across this Thread. The Remastered Videos are looking awesome. Many Thanks to LeonDeka for his great work.

Now to my Request @ Peixoto:

I have the same Problem that the Vids ingame not work correctly. I have Black Screen with Sound too by all of the three Download-Versions. In your Patch was the setting Non Exclusive Fullscreen preset and I had followed your instructions exactly. This means I don't delete the original rpl-Files and copy the new vids in the FMV-Folder. What else I have to say I don't have installed a Windows Borders Fix or DgVoodoo. At next I had also tried the tip of Allison to recode the MP4-Files in Bik-Files again but it didn't work. You wrote that this is due to Non Exclusive Fullscreen that is non compatible with TR2. This is a pity because the Vids get better in shape in this Form. Is not there a Fix or another Patch to get the Videos working properly in the game?
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