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Originally Posted by LuckyEdge10 View Post
I'm sorry...wha...what

RTX is failing and dying? Graphics card without getting burned, smoke...what?

Of the 3 cards you mentioned, the most powerful is (obviously) the RTX 2060.

But RTX 2060 is only really necessary if you play games in 4K and want the best performance.

If you want to play games in 1080p60fps then you can get an AMD RX 570, 580 or others. They are very cheap and they have a really good performance.

Please, give us more information about the performance you need, tell us what you need to do with your PC.
I don't need AMD, I want Nvidia video card with powerful and fast but only not getting any issue. That all. If you don't understand what I'm saying, close this thread for not helping me.
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