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I'm having a very basic problem I guess, it's the Stretching polygon bug. So it happens if I use a SAS. When this SAS start shooting at Lara, the polygons are so stretch you can't see anything anymore, they all point to the center of the screen. Sometimes it crashes the game, sometimes it don't but then there's lot of missing polygons and it's better to close the game and restart tomb4 anyway. I haven't seen this happen without the SAS (and I hope I won't).

It only happens when this SAS is used and no matter which custom or official SAS, it is the same problem.

I read somewhere that it might be because of my level being too big ? It's a 191 rooms level but they are mostly very light and the settings are not huge, you can't see more than 30/40 blocks away. I'm still waaaay behind any limits the editor has. I don't get it. Doesn anybody has an idea about it ? I search but found nothing that links the SAS to the stretching problem.
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