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I think there are a lot of stars aligning in this sequel. Alicia was attatched to Amy and Ben's film Freakshift which failed to get funding. Graham King has hired Amy and Alicia apparently liked what she saw in Amy's writing. I think it's very possible that Alicia has a producer credit this time around and that would surprise me considering she has her own production company, it's probably something similar to the Margot Robbie situation with the Harley Quinn movie.

My guess is that they'll either wait until Ben Wheatley finishes directing Rebecca before they announce him as director or they'll go with someone different making it the first solo project for Amy. If Ben Wheatley boards the project it's likely he will bring in his own team for the film which would include Laurie Rose as director of photography, Amy also doubling as the editor and Clint Mansell composing.
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