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Ok so your more then happy to be paying over $100 for the game plus dlc to only be charged even more? No game is that damn expensive. No way in Hell should they charge for this. That would be extremely greedy and a massive smack in the face.

Who is made of money? No one should be expected to pay more then $90 for this game. Especially if they bunch it together with the definitive edition that will only be $60. That means if the DLC is like 6 bucks then I would have paid up to $100 while other people get it much cheaper then that.

That is unfair and beyond riddiculess to the point of being gross.

Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
This is so stupid. The season pass was advertised to include 7 Challenge tombs.

You got the 7 challenge tombs.

This is something extra. It would be nice (amazing, even) if they gave it to us for free but to say it SHOULD be included in the season pass is so beyond unreasonable.
No this not stupid, I am very aware of my money and I spent up to $100 for this game. Nothing in the world could ever justify more money for this game. None
Ubisoft Brought back Classic Lara ^_^

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