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Originally Posted by Love2Raid View Post
Yay, a fellow fan!

OMG Seth Aaron (I think that's his name ) totally rules! I am so rooting for him!

I also like what the others have done so far, I am curious who will be the unlucky one. I hope Mila...

I watch it on some website called casttv or something, Youtube sucks.

Oh yeah, Mila wont make it. Its a no brainer. If I had a fashion company where every single dress looked like hers, I wouldve fired her. Emilio its hard to tell cause he does make nice dresses. But that one "swimsuit" where he was supposed to make a dress. and the brown glittery one had a jacket but he omitted that cause his model told him to and he won. Seth Aaron really has a lot of kicking designs. Its between Seth Aaron and Emilio IMO, unless Mila does soemthing extravagantly beautiful which I doubt she will, she's pretty limited.

It was really shocking when Maya decided to leave, cause she came with no talent but she became a great designer.

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