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Last thing that the engine was dealing with was the loading of objects in the current level.

Since that is such a vast scope of things from trapdoor bugs, bad COG_SWITCH etc, broken mesh tree, it is almost impossible to guess what is causing the crash without extra information, such as when the crash began to occur, what you were editing at the time of the crash (any recent changes, etc), and what you have already eliminated as a cause through your own trial and error.

I am guessing the mention of plugins in the crash report is new to TRNG1.3, so I guess that isn't the cause of a bad plugin or something.

How far along does the load bar get before the crash? Lara is one of the last things to load, so probably the message about Lara not being initialised is unimportant, as it also turned out to be in Axell's case.

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