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Exclamation LEVEL EDITOR FAQ. For builders & players - Latest update 05-01-2011

Frequently Asked Questions about the LevelEditor

Hello all!

This thread contains Frequently Asked Questions about playing and building custom levels.

Please do not reply to this thread.

This thread will keep developing and more questions will be added.
If you have a question you think is a FAQ and should be placed here feel free to contact either Uvavoo or Titak through PM. We will then add them to the thread.

Most questions and answers about levelbuilding only deal with the basics. Links to existing tutorials on the subject will be posted in the answer.
If you know of a usefull tutorial which isn't posted here: please contact Uvavoo or Titak.

We also used to have a pretty long list of stickied threads which have been unstuck because they weren't viewed very often anymore.
You can find this list and the links to the threads HERE : Previously stickied threads.
You can find a Table of Contents below. Scroll through the pages or click on the post of you choice. The post will then open in a seperate window.

Another recommended tutorials place (for more advanced and more complicated things) is our very own Tutorials section.
To make it easier for you to find a specific tutorial, you can check the Tutorials INDEX, which has been stickied in the tutorials section.


Contents of this thread:

Page 1
1/ Where can I download the Tomb Raider Level Editor?
2/ Long loading times in XP
3/ How to install custom levels?
4/ Missing or wrong Lara animations
5/ ARG List Too Big
6/ Usefull programs
7/ Usefull websites
8/ Getting started
9/ How to change Lara's outfit

Page 2
10/ Installing Levels: Flowchart
11/ COLLISION - adding collision to statics and animatings
12/ How do I create custom animations? - part 1: WADMerger's Animation Editor
13/ How do I create custom animations? - part 2: 3D Studio Max 6
14/ How to make textures animate?
15/ Information for Mac Users.
16/ Sound Issues: Audio
17/ Sound issues: Sound effects (samples)
18/ How to change the logo? (uklogo.pak)
19/ Importing meshes into a wad

Page 3
20/ Known causes of game crashes.
21/ Fast, out of control, spinning LE in 3D view
22/ How to use the burning-floor?
23/ How to add more waterfalls to your wad.
24/ Remapping vertices with Strpix
25/ Tutorials
26/ Tomb Raider Engine Patcher (TREP)
27/ Starting a game with the crowbar already in the inventory
28/ Sounds are not working when an object is placed underwater
29/ Textures - links to good textures sites

Page 4
30/ Making the TIMER work
31/ How to get your level online
32/ Level Editor Manual
33/ Creating a Level from Scratch
34/ How to use the global lensflare
35/ Creating Cutscenes
36/ Crafting Lara's World
37/ Level Editor Forum - Netiquette
38/ TREP Flipmap Editor and Timer Editor User Codes
39/ Speedfix for dual-core systems

Page 5
40 Requests threads
41 Ideas and inspiration threads

************* UPDATES *************

Januari 2011
- Added another good texturesite to the list with texture sites.

December 2010
- Added more programs to the "Usefull Programs" list and added links to the programs.
- Added a new post where links to the different "Request threads" will be posted.
- Added a new post where links to "ideas and inspiration threads" can be posted.

- A new thread called Tutorials INDEX has been added to the tutorials section to make searching for a specific tutorial easier.
- Dead links to images in some tutorials have been fixed.
- Missing images have been added again

- new texturesite added to the list of Textures - links to good textures sites.

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