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6 - Usefull programs

Over the years several people have created a number of usefull programs that allow you to customize your own levels.

These programs can be downloaded from Lara's Level Base, TR Search Engine and

Here's a list of some usefull ones:

- WADMerger
This is a very usefull toll and it has many features. It enables you to transfer objects from one WAD to another and it also lets you rip WADs from other TR games.
But it also has:
- Animation Editor to create custom animations
- Switch Editor to assign OCB code bit numbers to certain switch animations,
- Sound Manager to assign soundFX to your WAD
- Sprite Editor to export and import the sprite textures
- AI Editor to edit AI features

- TRW editor
This programs allows you to edit animations which are in TRW format, which is the format used by WADMerger Animation Editor.

- STRpix
- STRPix - Sapper's updated version
This tool is mainly used to retexture the objects in your WAD, such as Lara's outfit.
But it also allows you to export meshes in DXF format for editing in a 3D drawing program, like Metaseqouia.
It can also be used to light static objects and to adjust the collision box of static objects.

- ReStrText
When re-importing an edited mesh into STRpix you will have lost all your texture data. Fixing something small on the object therefore takes lots of time due to retexturing the whole thing all over again. ReStrText restores the textures after you made a few tiny changes.
Saves you a lot of work!

- EditWad
Allows you to export meshes in MQO format for editing in a 3D drawing program, like Metaseqouia.
Unlike with STRPix your edited mesh will be reimported into the wad all textured again. It is however wise to also check the object in STRPix afterwards becasue fi you added faces to the object they might not be textured properly.
EdtiWad also allows you to recalculate normals in a way that STRPix can't do.. EditWad even allows for exporting a "normals" MQO in which the normals can then be edited manually in Metasequoia.
Scroll through the thread to find the link to the latest version.

- Metasequoia
This is a 3d drawing program you can use to edit meshes, including those of Lara.
It is available for free.

With this little tool you can easily convert MQO objects into DXF format for opening in STRPix.

Fexanim is used to adjust the collision of animating objects. It only works with TR4 files. To transfer the new collision data back into the WAD you need to use TRupdate.

- TRupdate
For tranferring new collision and animation data from a TR4 saved with Fexanim back into the wad that was used to create the TR4 with in the first place.

- TRViewer
Used to import and export custom animations created in 3d Studio Max.
It only works with TR4 files. You will need to use Fexanim and Trupdate to transfer the new animation data into the WAD.

- TBuilder
This program is used to easily edit TGA texture sets. It also allows you to export the sky textures.

- Meta2TR
This program allows you to edit the room geometry of the compiled TR4 file.
It also allows for UVmapping of objects and roomgeometry and you can adjust the lighting with it.

- Fexinspect

- Screamer
This tool allows you to edit the sounds.txt files pretty easily and convert them to new .sfx and .sam files for your levelwad(s), instead of having to run the sound.bat and/or go into DOS-prompt.
Screamer needs Java Runtimes to work properly. This usually isn't a problem but with 64bit systems you do need:
Download and install the newest Java Runtime Environment, available here:, the 64-bit version exe is the second to last position on that list (Windows x64) and then Screamer should work.
Thanks go to Dustie for posting this.

Well, this program is used to patch the tomb4.exe to add more possibilities to it.
Changes can be graphical, but also gameplay things can be changed.
This tool is no longer being updated but it is a wonderfull and quite easy-to-use tool if you want to customize your level further than just custom textures and objects.

- Leikkuri/Cutter
This allows you to edit the TR font, to make more detailed lettering in whatever font you want.
It is also developed by the author of TREP and van also be found on the TREP Homepage

The updated level editor and updated engine, allowing for all sorts of customization that is not possible with the original TRLE.
Also check out our TRNG forum section for more info. (There's simply too much info to put it all in this post. )

Other usefull programs include paint programs and audio programs to customize textures and audio.

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