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Originally Posted by dcw123 View Post
Anyone else think the remaster looks ... well ... worse?

I know the light/shadow quality was really low on 360 - but here the remaster lacks some of the atmosphere somehow? Like its washed out.. or lights aren't as bright? Not really sure what it is.. but I don't like it.

Really tempted to just get the original 2012 PC version on Steam so I can at least play it in true high resolution, with the original graphics/textures intact.
Heck, there might even be some fan mods out there to improve it further.

Adore this game though, and it shows how a 11 year old game stands the test of time, and holds up well.
The original is better than the remaster. The remaster is almost unplayable due to frame rate drops in the cutscenes. How it made it through the final stages of production is beyond me
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