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Originally Posted by HD86 View Post
The current TR game is what makes this community exists. If the source code becomes available, we will have a plethora of new TR games as many people will try to build their own versions of the game. The community will splinter because many will be playing different games.
Hacks, wrappers and decompilers have been there at least since the year 2000. They helped greatly in fixing bugs of the original games and improving/enhancing what we have now.

Infact, the modding community is THE reason why the classics are so active 20 years after the first TR release. Look at the games that don't have any modding community. Most of them die after two/three years when the next installment is released. Now look at the games that can produce mods. They are being constantly improved by people, they can get new stories, new graphics, better optimization et cetera. Gothic 1 & 2 received unofficial DX11 update which enhanced gameplay with new graphics effects, LOD et cetera. Service Pack fixed the bugs of the original game and allowed it to work on modern hardware while maintaining the vanilla look and feel of the game.

Tomb Raider Level Editor has greatly lengthened the life span of the original series, since it gives the possibility to play a game that can be more classic than anything we received post-TRC.

Getting the source code can only benefit the game. This will allow it to be fixed, patched, improved and enhanced. If anything, only the modding community will be divided, but frankly, it already is. There are people who use Room Editor, who use TRNG, or Dxtre3D. Finally there are guys who work on their own modifications to the engine or completely new ones.

Also, no matter how much one can modify the original TR2 engine or levels, your CD disc stays the same and so does the game within. The idea of "splitting the community" is an illusion. Nothing like that has happened over the years even though there's been plenty of occasions to do so. The legacy/vanilla Tomb Raider is in no danger, but it can only change for the better. And optionally, not forced.

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