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There is a feature to automatically bake your animation (assign keys to all frames for every mesh) in 3DS Max.
It's better to use it than doing it manually, because doing it manually will make the interpolation more linear (and look less smooth), while the bake feature will keep the interpolation the same as it looked before doing it.

Here is how to use it:
Originally Posted by ads_royje
to bake animation;
. with your objects selected
. in Command Panel Motion > Trajectories

Sample range
. Start time
. End time
. Samples (This is the 'tricky' one, Sample is amount of keys for time start to time end) For 1 key per frame, set sample to the frame count)
for instance, 0 to 100, sample should be 101 (including frame 0)

Then click 'Collapse' button
Choosing the the Transforms you want to bake (Position, Rotation, Scale) default is Position and Rotation.
Basically, it will do the same as exporting the animation to FBX and reimporting it afterwards, except it should assign every key to every frame everytime I think (FBX export/import might leave some keys undone as some form of compression, because they're considered not necessary by the software).
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