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Originally Posted by yeti View Post
i fully realize this is a total n00b question, but i don't know what i need to do in order to play custom TR levels. Levels such as Himalayan Mysteries, etc...

Running Windows 10 and plan to use a PS2 controller via usb adapter. beyond that, I do not know where to download what i need in order to play these levels. i don't plan to create any levels--at least to begin with.

any help would be great. i know and exist.

however, i don't know what to install, etc... in order to play. seems to be down currently btw.

anyway, any help is greatly appreciated and an advance thank you to anyone who can help a total noob.

First of all, we are all here to answer each other's questions, not calling each others as noobs!

Secondly, here are a few things which might help:

TRLE.NET is the greatest host for TRLE levels. You just have to go to and from the left side panel, choose "Level listing - search". From there, you can have access to the whole database of levels, from the year 1999 up to now! Just click on a heading and you can sort the levels individually, based on what you desire, such as Date, Size, etc.

The levels provided are generally in .ZIP format, which you can even open it with Windows Explorer. Although, Windows 10 or your Antivirus program might detect TOMB4 Engine executables as harmful, you either have to disable your antivirus temporarily or you have to exclude TOMB4.Exe application from being detected as harmful by either your OS or antivirus program.

After unzipping everything, you can execute TOMB4.EXE and play. Anyways, if you intend to use a Joystick device, then inside the game, you have to go to: Options -> Control Configuration and set Control Method to Joystick. Now you have to remap the keys starting from the top to the bottom ( Direction keys do not require to be set, as they already work with your left analog stick. )

If you needed further assistance, you are free to let me know!
Have fun!

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