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Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
^ Yes... as I said I'm not really sure from where that concept belongs but I guess it has something to do with Eckhardt
because it appeard on TRAOD's making of just after an Eckhardt beta model showcase:


I can only guess that's his real form or something...
maybe Murti or someone confirmed who is that thing, but I have no idea honestly.
I'll tell you who that blue guy's Eckhardt. You were right!
How do I know? I just looked at the thumbnail of the video you posted.

His clothing, even his pose is Eckhardt's. The man on the left... (very similar to human form one)

Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post
100% sure that "Elvis Presley" is the boxer in Paris church.
It definitely can't be someone else
Btw in the faces collage, he seem to be some facial animations.
Maybe we could have talk with him =(
If I remember correctly,Lara was supposed to learn (tutorial for us) the hand to hand combat in the church.
That's why the other side is empty at the box sack, plus his mouth (its box or something) floats above him

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