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Originally Posted by ian2006 View Post
I've recently got a new PC and have started using windows 10 for the first time, whats the best way to play the original game on a modern system. If possible i'd like to play with the OST from the PS1 and a controller.

You can buy the games on Steam (when they're in sale they're sold at less than $1).

There are multiple patches for the classic games for modern systems. For TR1, I suggest you to download TombATI. It will make the game work without DosBox and you will be able to put the official HD Textures or custom textures and you'll be able to apply mods like sound effects, HQ FMVs and the gorgeus Xevengar's model mods.

For TR2 and all the other classics, the only thing you need to download is Stella's widescreen patch which enables widescreen in the game and will make the game run in full screen (the games are not optimized for Windows 10 and if you don't download the patch you'll be forced to play the games in windowed mode).

About Angel of Darkness...I don't know if you want to play it, but if you want to and you want a "complete" experience, you'll have to download dozens of mods and it will take almost 2 hours to completely optimize Angel of Darkness for the best way possible

By the way, you can always play the games via emulator (PS1 emulator for the first 5 games, PS2 emulator for Angel of Darkness and the LAU trilogy).
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