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The Brother Obscura fight has one of the shotgun ammo pick ups become 2 pick-ups (you get 12 reloads instead of 6) and respawn if you run out of ammo for everything, however this will not spawn if you picked up the Viper Ammo in the Hall of Seasons since it will still count as ammo the game thinks you can use. This was tested on PC I don't know about PS2. EDIT: I think maybe the dual pistols might have done it in hindsight, if you have both Dual Vectors and the Regular Vector, the game will list Dual Vector ammo as "?" if you try to look at Dual Vector ammo in the inventory.

Submachine guns in AOD actually have less lock-on range than handguns, this can best be seen by the Cleaner fight at the very end of Von Croy's Apartment, you have to get very close to hit him with the SMG while you can fire away at him safe from the explosives with the Rigg 09.
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