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Originally Posted by OrangeJuice View Post
see there's so much more
the mediterranean sea portal puzzle has an entirely different main room and the keys for it are spanned differently throughout the map;
there's underwater corridors to get to the thor statue right after the kraken fight/puzzle that are absent in the next gen version;
thailand introduces the tigers as enemies in a completely different setting (one that, again, is missing in the next gen version);
there's no side room to get the gems for the statue puzzle later on;
there's a horde section where the lizard enemies literally just keep on spanning in a closed-off room??; croft manor looks more like a mine that it does an underground chapel;
mexico differs in the motorbike section to the point where it's an entirely different game
PS2 for underworld is the very first version of Tomb Raider Underworld that I played and I would like to add some little details as well from the PS2.

- Escaping the Tomb/Temple or whatever it's called is entirely cut. You only have to swim into a small water hole and boom! you're back to Lara's yacht.
- The ship section is cut in half. You can't even reach the other end of the ship. The door to Natla's room is just at the same area where you are in.

- The entire elevator puzzle was cut. All you need to do is to drop down from a series of platforms and then you are on the ground without a scratch.
- Going back to your yacht is CUT once again. You just swim through the door and a cutscene plays.

- Longer corridors, no water wheel (Only on the Wii)
- Cathedral window puzzle was cut in half.

- Entire Mexico looks like a different game. The "gates of underworld" or Xibalba isn't also timed as well compared to the next gen versions.
- Exiting Xibalba is also different. You need to take a different route instead of going back where you came from. What's odd is the animations and sounds for the cutscene is made with the original escape route in mind. The sounds of the gates closing is still there, but there was no gate to be seen. Lara's animation of looking back and watching the gate close is also there, but then again, there was no gate.

- Longer motorbike section (same with Wii version)
- The tower puzzle is cut. like REALLY REALLY CUT. To open the "gate of the dead", you only need to turn the lever on the tower and boom! you're in. Unlike in the next gen versions where you have to climb the tower all the way to the top.

- Complete copycat of the ship from the first level.

- Entire entrance puzzle is completely cut. It only shows a cutscene of Lara swimming her way through the door without any extra effort.
- Midgard serpent puzzle is also cut in half. Only two towers are holding it, where in the next gen versions, there are three.
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