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Exclamation TR4 CGI cutscenes visual glitch

I have just started playing Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation and finished the prologue.

In general I am happy - I have the GOG version, playing on Windows 7 64 bit with a 5:4 monitor at 1280x1024, everything works perfectly...

The prerendered videos look better than ever before in the series and are full screen too!

EXCEPT the CGI cinematics intermittently exhibit visual glitches whereby small black squares suddenly appear randomly on screen and in random numbers and disappear a second (or half second or whatever) later, and it really becomes noticeable with the cutscene after the prologue because of its length, and as a result these glitches are distracting.
Sometimes I get lucky and there are longer stretches of cutscene without the glitching but I would like to be able to enjoy these "treats" without disturbances obviously!

Funny because I remember stuff like this happening with another old game's CGI videos once, but I can't remember which one it was and how I solved it...

Can anyone suggest a solution? Bear in mind that I still want to play the original TR4, so a "patch" for compatibility or whatever is cool so long as it doesn't change anything in-game.

Thank you for any help!
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