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Default Tomb Raider - Chronicles [Interactive DVD Game]

Almost 9 years ago Roli uploaded a full playthrough on their YouTube channel of the TRC interactive DVD game.

Only a few months ago I learned of its existence (it's not even listed on the fandom wiki page), so I decided to hunt it down.
At first, I thought I'd find it on or some other website, but I've had zero luck.

Eventually, I found the disc itself and bought it. It finally arrived today. The game is only found on the German collector's edition release of the first Tomb Raider 1 movie. There are 3 DVDs in the bundle with lots of goodies as you can see in the linked picture.

So I extracted only the game, played through the thing to be sure everything works fine and uploaded it to here.

Now we have the TR4 Interactive CD, TR5 Interactive DVD and TRAOD Action Adventure DVD hosted on that website for preservation.

The only thing missing now, to my knowledge, when it comes to those type of things are the Interactive TV Games (Apocalypse, Temple of Anubis, The Reckoning). But I don't think those will ever be emulated/preserved cause the source of those is lord knows where. I am not sure if there are even video recordings of those anywhere.

To play TRC iDVD I uploaded you'll need to open the .IFO file from VIDEO_TS directory in VLC media player (haven't tried other tools).

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