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Default Skyboxes and Loading Screens: Upscaled + Fixed

Hi everyone

This a post I'm making to showcase 2 of the mods that I've made for the old gen version of the game. As it says in the title, I've upscaled and made fixes to all the loading screens and most of the skyboxes in the game.


For the skyboxes, I used the next-gen versions of the skybox textures to do the upscaling, since they were higher quality to begin with. The fixes I made were mostly cleaning up of the sections where the 2 sky textures meet (none of them actually matched up properly) and then getting rid of all the compression artifacts. I ignored changing the Croft Manor skybox because it is barely viewable and looks fine from what you are able to see. I also left out England for the same reasons but mainly because it's just a black square.

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Loading Screens:

For the loading screens, I did what ATombRaiderFan has done and used the 4:3 aspect ratio versions of the mission prep screen and the rewards / after credits screen. The widescreen versions of the main game loading screens are actually in a 2:1 ratio. The majority of peoples computers screens today are 1920x1080 in the 16:9 ratio, which means the game's loading screens are always getting stretched for most of us. When I upscale the images, it doubles them in size. This meant I was able to then downsize and adjust the images to fit 1920x1080 without making them look stretched.

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There are some more comparison pictures here

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