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Originally Posted by Shaman View Post
There were loads of comments similar to that that had to be removed.

@WIllG: Yes, I would love you to help rewrite the Summary. I think it is kinda lame. XD You can PM me it. Thank you so much! You will defiantly be credited in teh credits and on the OP.
I can't PM it for some reason so I'll just write it in here

Experience the world through Lara's eyes like never before, as you explore ancient tombs, caverns and cities to uncover the secrets of Lara's past.
Travel to Egypt, Peru and New York city and embark on a journey like never before and find Lara's stolen Pendulem that was stolen from her on the island that it all began on.
In a journey that will blow you away with epic battles, death defying acrobatics, mind-boggling puzzles and death delivering traps; You will become...The Tomb Raider.

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