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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
Mmm... I don't know. In TR2013 she grabbed the second pistol from Mathias. It was more of a reaction than anything. It doesn't necessarily mean she MUST start using them after that specific moment.
It was the pistol she gave Sam, that was given to Lara by Roth, Lara's mentor that we know also used dual pistols. There was a build up to that moment, it wasn't just a "random" thing that happened to Lara.

Now, you are right that it doesn't mean she must use them after that moment, but it would have been a perfect starting point. Now it kind of feels if Lara starts using duals in the games again, it would be a bit more of a random decision from her part. She still should use them, mind, but for a continuity that is more narrative driven, it will feel kind of odd now as well.


Edit: Evan Daugherty is apparently working on a reboot for Anaconda, which in my opinion is good because it means he is too busy to mess around with Tomb Raider again.

Because, while Geneva and Alastair were responsible for the screenplay, he was the main responsible for the actual plot of the movie. So you can most definitely thank him for daddy story and bland, non-supernatural Yamatai.

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