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Originally Posted by CroftManiac05 View Post
The trickiest ones are at the Great Pyramid, where the grapple hooks are timed. The jumps must be perfectly timed.
The OP is going to have nightmares in this section...

*Beginning of SPOILERS*
You’ll need to shoot at buttons (a la Croft Manor - Library Room) to extend timed grappling rings and ledges to stand on from the walls, all while flying mutants distract you and waste your time. One bump and poor Lara falls to the lava down below. A second late, and the grappling ring retracts, dumping poor Lara to the lava down below. Not fast enough and the floor beneath begins to retread, ultimately dumping poor Lara to the lava down below. Truly a nightmare for newbies.
Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
Am I the only one who finds them easy?
You’re not the only one. Mini SMGs do the job against those flying mutants, and the camera is your best ally if you know how to control it.
Originally Posted by CroftManiac05 View Post
Yeah they are not hard, but since the OP had some difficulties with it, it's gonna be even more difficult for him/her with the timed jumps.
I’d love it if the OP posts experiences of those particular jumps in the future. I’ll wait.... excitedly!
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