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For those who finished the game and/or playing the game. I finished St. Francis Folly and on to The Coliseum. That loooong cable jump to the Artifact ( had to do that a couple of times even after I got the Artifact lol); the step and slide jump to the next ledge; the jump before the Spectator’s Box. If you miss any of these- back to the Balcony Roof. NO checkpoints. At Midas’s Palace. Actually got through the long jump to the Relic; the timed and slope jumps,etc. to the lead bar. Stuck after the climb to the large medipack.

Options: 1) wall run and jump to the protruding block. Tried the camera at the wall and behind her. Not grabbing the block. 2) jump lower and move along and jump to the hanging rope and to the column. Not getting the column. Any suggestions on which option is better? NOTE. Found out I was trying to jump to the wrong column. It’s the one closest to the wall.

Yes Tomb Raidering - I remember The great Pyramid- way back when I first played TRA. Seems to me I posted way back then that I was able to jump directly to the grapples from the front of the ledges? Guess I’ll find out if it works this time when I finally get there. lol
Pharaoh´s Tomb

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