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Originally Posted by Ellioft View Post
No,no,no,no I don't want any comic book tie in to the movies, I'm okay for the game but if it's to have Alicia's face butchered like Lara in Survivor Crusade no thanks and the story in the sequel need to be enough.
Movie tie-ins usually have enough money to pay pencilers who can actually faithfully portray actors. Or they could just hire Phillip Sevy again, he has some really good portraits on his Instagram. Or Andy Park if his Disney contract wasn't perhaps a problem.

And as someone who will criticize Survivor's Crusade art as much as possible, Ashley A. Woods isn't a bad artist at all. Her concepts for the comic look quite good actually. Still a bit too cartoony for what a Tomb Raider comic should look imo, but really good. I think the problem here is that she probably isn't that good with managing to draw full issues in a short amount of time (besides an almost clear lack of interest, imo). But she would definitely be a good cover artist.

But as for a movie tie-in comic, I'm not too keen on the idea. It worked for the games, because they were small adventures mostly independent from the games. They complemented the story, but weren't a necessary part. Movie tie-in comics usually are either too necessary or too irrelevant for their own good.

Now, if a third movie never materialized (and I am saying third because we already are having the second one confirmed), and they were able to do that sequel in a comic format, then I would actually be okay with the idea.
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