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Originally Posted by lance6439 View Post
The volume books. How many editions are there for the classic comics and how many editions are there for the reboot comics? and what are their names? I'm kinda having a hard time finding these out because i'd like to own a few of these volume comic books :|
You can easily find everything in Dark Horse's website if you search for Tomb Raider, but here's the info you want:

For the classic comics, the best thing right now is to collect the "Tomb Raider Archives". There are 4 volumes and I think they collect all classic comics except the Witchblade crossover.

For the reboot comics between TR2013 and RotTR, the best thing right now is either the Library Edition (Hard cover) or the Omnibus Volume 1 (soft cover). They have all the comics between those games, plus the prequel comic to TR2013. But if you want the volumes with individual arcs, they are:
  • Season of the Witch
  • Secrets and Lies
  • Queen of Serpents

For the comics between RotTR and SotTR, an omnibus collecting them all will be released on 1st January. But if you want the volumes collecting each individual arc, they are:
  • Spore
  • Choice and Sacrifice
  • Survivor's Crusade
  • Inferno

Hope it helped.
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