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Originally Posted by SpaceChild View Post
SE, not to go on a total political tangent but if she were Jewish, communist and anti fascist that would be kind of a three-way internal contradiction: communism and fascism are two branches of precisely the same philosophical tree (collectivism,) and typically both communism and fascism are virulently anti-Semitic.

For the record, I despise all things collectivist and love all things Jewish, if that helps.

But my comments relate to the stark difference between the original LC's appearance and personality vs. the LC of the present-day production crew - which difference, I maintain, is clearly motivated by external politics, something irrelevant that's been allowed to intrude into the TR production to negative effect. Politics are the causal factor, but the issue here is not that erroneous belief set, but what what its intrusion has done to the LC character.
I was kidding... but thanks for the political lecture and opinion, I guess.

But hey... a couple of politics in your comment. Gimme them shots!

Gamers these days like to use that word so lightly. Please, stop, it's not gonna make you look superior or smarter, only pressed. Reboot's Lara idea is fine, her execution is poor and SE doesn't give a damn about politics and you can check that on their recent games. If they really wanted to go that way they'd show it better.

Stop oversimplying new Lara's poor development as just politics. The reasons why she's bad are more than that. Let's go deep and stop using the same argument as every 13 kid from pewdiepiesubmissions.
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