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Smile A creepy tomb raider 2 story

I'm brazilian and my english isnt very good, but I'll try my best to tell this story
Happened a couple years ago, when I was a kid/teenager
My younger brother and I were playing tomb raider 2 on pc, I dont remember if it was the pc version or the ps1 trough emulation
We've just beat the final level, the one in laras mansion after defeating the final boss, where the mansion is attacked by those npcs at night
After that we though that maybe the mansion would have something different or some kind of secret, since the last level was in the mansion, and we've just beat it
From here, I dont remember quite well the order of the events, since it was so quickly and many years ago
At some point we were on the tutorial part of the mansion, and was there that we've started to hear things. Idk which we've heard first:
Voices, whisperings in a strange language, like those that play on the background of the game at some parts
At some point Ive heard the shotgun sound, followed by the sound of a dog dying (both audios identical to the ones that the game already have, the dog npc dying and the shotgun shooting)
After all of this, my brother just freaks out and alt+f4 the game, and I got pretty mad cuz I was curious, but it was creepy af.
Today I know it have must been a bug, for some reason random audio files start playing on the background, but just imagine you as a kid, playing in laras mansion, a place that should feel safe (**** you winston) and all of suddenly you start hearing freaking voices whispering loud af on your ears
Im not sure if it was a bug, probably was, but man I was terrified
(one thing that is vague on my memory is that I was glitching the walls, that glitch when you crouch on a corner of a wall and when you stand up you are teleported to the top of the wall, at some point I got above the walls of the tutorial zone, a place where you should not be able to achieve normally, and I was looking to the black void of the map from there, for some reason my memories relate the sound of the shotgun followed by the dog dying with this moment, but my memory is to vague to remember if it was there that Ive heard it)
Recently I've asked to my brother if he remembers this event, and he do remember it, and so I do

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