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Originally Posted by DevaWay View Post
Also, I dont remember if it was pc version or ps1 version emulated, there's no chance the pc version could bug in that way?
I'm excluding it because music (wich includes BGM and cutscenes audio) is completely different than normal sound effects (for example you could play the soundtrack by just inserting the cd in a normal old audio player, for example in a car).

Could it be this track the creepy one with whispering? "Whisper" like sounds are played inside it:

Otherwise have a look at all the cutscenes in the game, maybe you will hear something familiar:

Also, any chance you just started playing TR3 after TR2? Yeah, dogs and shotgun are different, but there is a lot more whispering and talking in that one TR3 is also, generally, the buggiest of the original trilogy.
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