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Originally Posted by Rivendell View Post
I'd recommend going from FF7 onwards (solely because it's what I did!) I like the plots better in FF7/8/9 than in any of them before it, and find that I can relate to the characters a lot more and get much more drawn into the plot
Thanks for the advice.

What are the originals like anyway? I don't really mind if the plots aren't too good, I just want the adventure itself to be good.
Originally Posted by Forwen View Post
Nonono! It's too much of a love-or-hate title to risk getting disappointed like that! (And it's also one of the greatest mistakes of a history, plastering the name of a legend on something like that)
Sorry, but it's a risk I have to take. What don't you like about it anyway? I have heard that *possible spoiler* Cloud dresses in drag *end of spoiler*, is that a reason why?
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