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The other day I was browsing the tool list in the resources forum, as well as TRSearch and Lara's Levelbase, and I'm not sure I saw some of those tools mentioned (though possible I missed them as I wasn't really looking for LAU stuff at the time).

It's really difficult to know what's outdated and what's old but still reliable. Or even, as a beginner, what some tools are for (I thought for ages that Leikkuri was a weird font that somehow newer tools couldn't render properly because I only caught half the context). Even with the various attempts to create lists and tool repositories, it seems the info is rather scattered and not necessarily up-to-date. Nature of fan community development, I guess.

It would be nice if someone who knew what they were doing would review the state of supplementary (non- level editor) TRLE tools in 202x, but that would probably be a major undertaking, and I doubt anyone would be up for it.
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