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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
You can also try to power on your machine without any RAM inserted. In this case, the motherboard must emit warning sounds if it works correctly (you may also refer to your mainboards manual on how it will react to this situation). This way you can make sure if your mainboard even passes it's startup checks.
I tried removing the CMOS battery, that did nothing either.

This suggestion above however was very close to the solution. A friend on Steam suggested I remove one of the two RAMs I have... lo and behold, I have signal again. There were no warning signs or anything, it just immediately started working again as intended. He suggested that my motherboard had a hiccup during the switch and decided it has no RAM, so I had to disturb the memory to set things in motion again.

Thankfully all is working properly now so this issue is resolved. Thanks for all the advice ANoDE
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