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Originally Posted by Alive_and_Funky View Post
I see. Well, I still plan to play it (I doubt anything you say will change my mind about that ), but I'll think hard about which one to play first.
I'm not trying to discourage you from playing it - if only because it's advisable and welcome to know what people are discussing all over the game world Just urging you to reconsider playing it as your first FF, because some concepts are way out of date and not fun anymore.

Oh well - that was an opinion of a one that is from the haters' camp anyway. Believe me, no matter what FF you'll ask about you will always get black&white opinions, so I guess you will just go your own way with the series, as most do.
Originally Posted by Alive_and_Funky View Post
About the drag thing, I wasn't implying that you have a problem with one, I just thought that it might have been out of place. I'm not sure when and why that happens in the game though, so I just sort of jumped to the conclusion that it might have been a stupid thing that was put in the game. By "stupid thing that was put in," I mean something which leaves you thinking "Why the heck is that in the game?", you know what I mean?
Yep, now I do. And even though it's a tad controversial scene in FF fanbase I didn't have a problem with it. It was absurd, and I like absurdity
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