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Originally Posted by o0Crofty0o View Post
Well... it trashed kinda all models using group 24 or 25 for me (and no i WON'T use 22_ or 23_...don't see a reason to add senselessy many maps in case someone wants to recommend that to me >.<)
Here are some pics:

Looks like they got overlayed with some sort of mini bump that isn't even on the model^^
Okay, 24 and 25, that's DiffuseLightmapBumpSpecular. I'll look into it, thank you for the bug report!

Edit to add: You're completely right, that was the problem. I've copied and pasted a bit too much, and accidentally used the mini bumpmap function in that shader when I should have just used the single one.

You didn't set the mini bumpmaps, but if any part of the model uses mini bumpmaps, then these mini bumpmaps will be used for all meshes that are rendered later - right until the next time a mini bumpmap is set. The shader normally simply ignores them.

I've uploaded a new version of the source code that fixes the issue at the original address (search for your user name if you want to know where exactly. ). Now we just have to wait until someone has the time to compile this and uploads a new version, because I can't do that on my Mac, and I have no idea how it's done on Windows.
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