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Originally Posted by DunHill View Post
That is intersting, though I really think it doesn't scale well to older games.
Originally Posted by NoahCrofRaider View Post
Honestly, a lot of modern day effects donít work for older games like these in their natural state. Bloom and anti-aliasing might, but thatís it. The blockiness is really what ruins it, Iíd say.
You two porbably haven't seen the "right" old/blocky games with ray tracing then. It looks weird in the video because it's only screen space ray tracing. But look at how it looks in Quake 2 and Minecraft. It makes these games look almost realistic in some places.

Originally Posted by Peixoto View Post
This is no raytracing. Just the ugliest ambient occlusion ever
It's screen space ray tracing. Ambient occlusion would only make the edges darker and not the surfaces brighter.
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