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Full OST Playlist

To download the whole Soundtrack you can here

Tracks in order:
- Roenin "WE ALL BLEED"
- Tomb Raider Theme
- Lara's Theme
- History about Richard and Amelia
- Lara's Childhood
- Croft Manor
- Atlas de Mornay
- Lara's Training
- The Journey Continues
- Travel to Egypt
- Discovering a Tomb
- Lara and Alvis
- Travel to Himalayas
- Lara vs Amanda
- Blend In
- Infiltrating de Mornay Industries
- Lara vs Atlas
- The Queen Elixir
- Meet the Angel of Darkness
- The Dark Essence
- End Titles (What Happens Now?)

P.S. Final Trailer arrives on September 1st...
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