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Originally Posted by MelikeLara View Post
Wow! Never seen TReboot look better! Thanks
Thank you! I try to show the game from a different viewpoint, I'm glad it comes through.

Originally Posted by SamCactus101 View Post
Ooh I quite like the one of Lara shivering hehe. The one close-up of her aiming is sweet! Badass and perfect!
I also love her face when she aims, this confident, determined look fits her so well.

05 - Base Approach & Mountain Base & Base Exterior (full gallery)

I'm putting these three locations into one single post, as they're pretty short sections, so it covers everything up until the radio tower.

It's still dark and rainy as we get closer to the base, so naturally one would wish for a bit of a change by now. The base itself is scattered with stuff, it even has hanging corpses above the water, which makes us want to get out of the not-so-clean water as soon as possible. And here's a good example that even a short corridor can look great (as opposed to the long and uninteresting corridors of Tomb Raider Anniversary for example) with a ruined, overgrown ceiling, good lighting and detail.

Snow comes as a very pleasant surprise and a refreshing change, we start wondering what's going on again. We get a good explanation later in the story, but until then, it's another mystery. The island is pretty diverse and it makes perfect sense; thanks to the fine backstory, it's definitely not a problem that the entire game is limited to one single location.

These guys can look rather creepy! That one guy that suddenly jumps from the ceiling in the base used to scare me so much, it reminds me of how scared I used to be of the enemies in the classics, you never knew what was around the corner. I really miss that feeling in the newer games.

This part is quite combat heavy, so I took a lot of action shots here.

A bit of dancing around I guess... I remember I liked it a lot when she said "Yes, still alive!" here.

And finally, the radio tower. The horizon is incredibly beautiful here, I also enjoyed the camera angles and movements during the cinematic.

The sequence is very well done, though I was disappointed when I let go of the movement buttons and I found out that I don't have any control over Lara in the majority of the climbing sequence - therefore the sense of danger only comes across thanks to the thrilling visual experience and sadly, it's missing from the gameplay, as we lose control entirely and realize Lara can't fall. Too bad, I did fall a few times while trying to take some pics and it was quite scary.

I have some bonus shots of Lara losing her hair when I went too far off the map. :P

There are 48 new screenshots uploaded in the gallery, with 6 extra shots. I already have a few more of the next location, I can't wait to share them!
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