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Already done all the other TRs no scratch including TR2. That's pistols or default weapon only and all secrets too. I try for all pickups but I'm sure I miss some and also do not necessarily go for all kills. I always leave the first monkey in TR3 alive and there were Raptors in TR3 I simply did not trigger. Same sort of thing for the other games too. In this game I left the two snipers at the sub base alive too.

This TR5 run will complete my set but it is by far the most frustrating one trying to do it without damage thanks to those bats.

That TR2:ToX fish one was indeed difficult but I found that if I swum LC around the locked room in a certain way the fish would get stuck in the scenery trying to take the direct route to nibble her. It proved just long enough to be able to complete the task and get out undamaged. The fish I had trouble with in TR2 were the sharks and barracuda in one of the Maria Doria levels where you have to swim outside the shipwreck to get a secret and, I think, a key or other pickup.

In TR5 they just repeat the bat clouds too many times; it is a cheap device and another indicator the designers had run out of good ideas. There was one bat encounter in Labyrinth I was OK with because there is a solution which requires understanding of the level geography and how to use LC's skill set to avoid them. But even then you still have deal with the fact they will attack her in deep-ish water and there's that uncontrollable randomness too.

Those are the reasons I couldn't be bothered to try more than a dozen times with the two sets of bats in the Old Mill level, particularly the one which appears when you open the timed door. The camera position means you're attacked blind and even if you run/sprint down the slope they will still attack her in the water. I'm sure it is doable but by that stage I'd had more than my fill of cheap, invincible bats.

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