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I think the reason it got so much hype and praise initially was that it was a heck of wild ride after the first tomb raider, TR1 on steroids if you will. We got a vast array of weapons this time from an m16 to a grenade launcher, not to mention our first time experiencing vehicles. Cruising through the canals of Venice on your speedboat & scaling up mountainous peaks with your snow mobile.

The game had a lot going for it in many ways and even though its still my second favourite in the franchise, i can kind of see why others might not warm to it.

- The Rig levels really drag down the standard that the opening 4 levels presented us with. Bad design to the levels & some pretty boring gameplay to add to it.

- The Maria Doria were far too long than they should have been, too much backtracking involved with these ones & weren't exactly the most aesthetically pleasing levels. Although i appreciate the size & challenge the deck presented.

- Floating Islands is the most overrated level in TR history for me, never liked the overpowered enemies in this or the ridiculously cheap deaths you suffer at the hands of a mis-timed jumps. I could say a lot worse about this level but it's something i look to get through as quickly as possible when playing it.

EDIT: Misread the title:

Reasons i do love this game.

- The Great Wall is a perfect opening level to introduce anyone into the franchise, beautiful scenery, excellent location with it being on one of the natural wonders of the world. The relentless traps & challenge it brings would thrill anyone.

- Venice, Bartoli's Hideout & Opera House are definitely up there with the best bunch of levels in any TR game we've seen. Beautiful location, excellent level design & great set pieces were portrayed across all 3 levels. I never tire playing the 3 levels at any stage.

- The Tibetan levels hold a special place in my heart, as a young lad in the early 00's all i wanted more than anything was to level skip to tibetan foothills just to play on the snow mobile, I'd spend hours just playing this level for the snow mobile alone, it wasn't until i got older and realised how good Barkhang Monastery, Catacombs of the talion & Ice Palace were. All Stunning Levels in their own right particularly BM. The Snowy setting was beautiful in this game and i was very happy to see more added in TR2 Gold.

- Before playing one of the worst levels in TR history one has to enjoy one of the best in Temple Of Xian....Man if you don't like this are you even a TR fan? jk...but seriously this level had it all, the design, the atmosphere, the beauty, the challenge, the complexity, the fear(damn spiders) I absolutely adore this level it would easily be top 5 in all of the TR games and i think it really delivered home on how good of a game we got in Tomb Raider 2.

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