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Originally Posted by TR1249 View Post
- AOD gets overrated here. Got its good story and everything but I feel like many fans love it for what it would be and not what it is at the end.
- Rise is my fave TR even tho many dislike it.
- AOD almost ruined the franchise and is the reason, why we have Crystal nowadays (I saw fans saying how Crystal ruined the franchise and how AOD is not responsible for that lol )
Kinda ironic that you have an AoD avatar and post "negative" things about AoD. Though I totally agree with your points.

- TR I is overrated. Yes, it's the first game in the series, but it lacks a lot of polishing and refinement.
- Keeley Hawes doesn't suit Lara as her voice. Nothing against her, but when she's the VA of Lara the calmness of her voice doesn't match the things Lara does during gameplay and in general she sounds rather like someone sitting in an armchair next to a fire place and telling stories. Though I don't blame Keeley for this but rather the voice over director who seems to have no clue about who Lara Croft is.
- The reboot games are better than the LAU trilogy but not quite as good as the classics.
- Legend is probably the best LAU game since it's the most polished one, though for a TR game it's still pretty bad.
- LAU does a bad job at imitating the classics and feels more like a parody.
- Kurtis is an interesting character who would've deserved to get his own game.
- The Xbox exclusivity deal was bad, but not as bad as some people make it out to be.
- Carter Bell is underrated and doesn't get enough mentions by us.

Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
  • I'd prefer TR to no longer be a AAA game because we'd be getting better Tomb Raider games if it weren't a AAA franchise with a AAA budget and AAA sales expectations.
Never forget: Gameplay is king!

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