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Ok, here I go:

-Classic animations were great and ahead of their time, and I also love the slowness of them (some are just down right agonizing though like crawling, shimmying for more than 2 blocks)
-I hate the pick up animation in TR4&5, well not the animation itself but the 'walk up' to the object thing. The lack of transitions is appalling.
-I really like Natla
-Ana and Konstantin were probably the best and most fleshed out villains in the franchise
-Mathias is cool and has the best lines of any TR villain
-TR2013 Lara (well most models really, but she really does stand out here) is incredibly outdated for its release. I mean... very. It even gets worse as the game progresses. I mean the last outfit looks horrendous, look at how bad the tear at her knee is.
-ROTTR Lara also looks super outdated (only skin wise) if the lighting in the environment is not super good.
-I love the documents in the reboot series and don't want them to go away EVER.
-The first TR movie is really not as bad as people make it out. It's pretty much the same story of every adventure movie.
-The kayak is fun to use and it is also the most realistic vehicle movement wise in the whole franchise, and I say this as someone who has been in one of those before.
-Lost City of Tinnos is a very empty level in the visual department.
-The quadbike is a terrible vehicle
-TR2013 Lara is a much better character than Rise Lara, she's 10x more interesting and by the end she is 10x more bad ass than her sequel self.
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