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- AoD deserves its bad reputation; its few good points do not make up for everything that went wrong (I love how almost everyone started with that. Only on this forum could this be a controversial opinion. )
- Kurtis was not one of the good points.
- The grid and associated control system were really good solutions to the problems they were trying to solve, and no TR game since has managed to solve these problems as well.
- No Tomb Raider game has ever had a good story. Not even AoD.
- It's fun to play as Lara but she's never been an interesting or well written character.
- The best TR related game of this millennium is Lara Croft Go.
- The best TR related game on (modern) mobile platforms is also Lara Croft Go.
- Rise was actually decent and fun, but I could not name you any reason why you should buy the game when you could spend the money on stuff like vitamin supplements, books you'll probably never read, or donate it to a charity whose cause you don’t care about.
- Anniversary is a full game, so Underworlds is TR9 (I think that’s whole debate has largely disappeared these days actually).
- It should be possible to tell an interesting story about Lara Croft and her daddy issues (I'm not saying anyone has done so yet, mind you).
- Blood Ties is a decent but uninspired rip-off of Gone Home (this is unpopular becaus you all haven’t played Gone Home. Do it. Now. Seriously, it’s short and cheap and amazing and shows what Blood Ties tried and failed to be).
- No TR music will ever be as great as the one in the boat in Venice.
- A first person Tomb Raider game could actually work really well.
- Tomb Raider could stand to have more trains.
- Edit to add: Underworld was the best LAU game, Anniversary the worst.

I’m mostly harping on Core here. That's because "Core made games that are better and more fun, and TR would never have become popular and iconic if it had started with Legend or the Reboot” does not seem unpopular here.

I’m willing to defend any and all of these points except for Underworld being best. I remember thinking it at the time, but I haven’t played any LAU games in years and have zero interest in ever doing so again, so my memory may be completely wrong. Underworld has that Kraken, right? And I think either Zip or Alister died or something?
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