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Originally Posted by Bishop Knight View Post
I was one of them for years. I would pop in and see what everyone was talking about and looking for news, but I never registered. But after seeing this latest installment, I was seriously disappointed at the direction they took the game. It was too much of a departure from what made TR, TR and what made Lara, Lara.
That's probably the reason why it's called a reboot. *shrugs* But certain someones couldn't really grasp that. I'm sure CD knew from day one that some people would dislike it, but at least people got over it. Certain someones haven't.

And, unlike friends who are not TR fans, I've been a repeat customer for years. Even buying the games for different platforms. And re-buying them on Steam. So, a fan will spend more on TR games and merchandise than non-fans. Also, fans do cosplay and art that keeps the franchise in the public's eye. Free advertisement basically. The enthusiasm draws others in. The franchise has made it to it's 10th game because of fans not the opposite.
How many people do you think buy the game on multiple platform? Again even if every single registered member here bought one extra copy that would still only be just an extra 50k copies. You have to be rather hardcore to spend money on a game that you already own, and let's face it the hardcore audience is small.

Sorry, but cosplaying leads to nowhere IMO. It's nice if someone decides to dress up like their favourite hero/heroine, but from what I experienced cosplay provoked nothing else, but "I came here to see tits" Otherwise cosplaying pop culture only really caters for other cosplayers and sadly that's a small number.

If I dressed up as... well, as anyone, I would be ridiculed by everybody around me. My parents, my brother, my friends. Everyone...

That's why I get frustrated with "fans" who think the franchise has to become something else all together in order to sell. That's a bunch of garbage. I think most games sell below targeted sales figures. That doesn't mean the model is bad and needs to be completely revamped. It just means that not every game is going to appeal to all audiences and there for game developers need to accept that. That's why I like indy game companies. Their focus is on the product and not purely on sales figures. They aren't trying to appeal to everyone.
Those "fans" can have their opinions. Since when is your opinion any more correct or better than theirs? As I said, I have no idea where the series is going. TR'13 had it's flaws, but I'm happy the franchise is still around.

Anyway do you think the game doesn't appeal to the general audiences then it should be ditched? Because that's what I understood from that. You act like as if TR haven't already fallen into that trap. My favourite is TRIII, but you can't deny the fact that it sold less than TRII or TRI and TR4 sold even less. Plus, anyway TRI didn't even have a fanbase at first. So obviously it was developed for the general audiences. It was definitely not an indy game.

Originally Posted by EscondeR View Post
^ Perfectly stated But in case of certain someones will fall on fruitless badland

Oh, I'm playing the mind games again... Sorry, I'm not responsible for the lack of imagination of those certain someones.
Damn, I can't come up with such an eloquent and passively aggressive reply like this. :/

Originally Posted by EscondeR View Post
V Oh, yeah... You're talking about those who think that "Homo Sapiens" is a reference to homosexuals I guess Those are hardly everyone though.
Okay, I have no idea what the **** you are talking about. I don't know if it's your English or mine, or both. But to avoid future confusion, I would like to kindly ask you to use common language. You know the stuff they use in everyday life. It seems like you're trying to sound like a phylosopher/poet from the ancient times, to me anyway, but quite frankly it's not working.

Edit2: Oh, right. So that 'V' was an arrow downwards. Her we go again with the bullying. What I stated above. Since you seem to think you are so much more intelligent than us, then you should maybe acknowledge the fact that this is going nowhere. Thanks.

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