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Originally Posted by gidierre View Post
well you see I quoted here that pcsx-reloaded stuff, because I guessed gte_accuracy.c contents namely that handful of functions could be helpful in a general way, not to mention that all the ps1 emulator things ought to be ported to glide wrapper usage

I also took due notice of Peixoto's subsequent somehow dismissive remark when he wrote: PC Tomb Raider only passes transform and lit polygons to the API. As the widescreen fix on PSXR works for every game, i suppose these games use a PSX API to transform polygons, unless it is a fix that reduces the vertical FOV instead of increasing the horizontal FOV. In any case, apply this fix to the PC version is useless, either it wont work or it will only reduce the vertical FOV
all of that mostly in order to spare you pointless time expenditure if the horizontal fov isn't handled right anyway, though I'd gladly welcome some more words from Peixoto on this

let me add that addressing direct hex editing of an exe this way looks terribly hard, have you considered debugging dosbox ie using a dosbox.exe debug-enabled version to approach all the doggone stuff?
dosbox code is open, so is the glide patch (of course that'll be after you got a glimpse of where to start at)
in the past I've been using such a strategy myself, eg about the "missing shadow" issue, and I found it easier to (try to) come to grips with stuff.
Let me clarify my dismissive remarks

1st: gte_accuracy.c is a fix that improves the precision of vertexes coordinates, fixing those "dancing polygons" in the PS1 games

The widescreen fix is at this file:
search for Config.Widescreen

Now, gte stands for "Geometry Transformation Engine", so it's natural to assume that the fix modifies the way the gte performs the projection transform ( to increase the horizontal fov.

The glide API doesn't provide a transformation API (look around, there is documentation available). Glide only accepts transform and lit vertexes, so there is no way that this fix can be ported to the glide wrapper.

It's possible to modify the code that does the transforms in tomb.exe itself, that is how i did widescreen patches form tomb raider 2,3 (not released), 4 and 5, but that will be no straight port of the gte fix and will require disassembling the exe with a debugger.

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