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Thank you for your kind words everyone. It's nice to hear that this guide might help fellow members both now and in the future

Originally Posted by Joey79100 View Post
It kinda hurts to realize so many steps are needed. I wish someone would make an installer that can do all of this..
It's unfortunate that this game suffers from so many annoyances and glitches... that's why we are very lucky to have such a devoted fanbase. There are so many members who tried their best to make this game more enjoyable. I think they've succeeded! It feels like a finished product now for the most part!

Originally Posted by nakamichi680 View Post
Really good job!

I'd like to contribute with some corrections and suggestions: ... (I didn't quote them in order to keep a clean overview)
Thanks for pointing these out. I've updated the guide accordingly! I really appreciate your advice on the subject

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