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Default Why was SOTTR the lowest rated game in the trilogy?

Every time I go to the forums, I feel like I'm observing a different crowd, with a lot of people claiming that SOTTR was the best game in the trilogy.

Though in the bigger picture of things, Tomb Raider fans were always polarized since way back. Something like this is nothing new.

The thing with video games is, it doesn't have a Rotten Tomatoes sort of hub that sort of gives you an overall picture of how a video game is judged. You need to look like IGN or Gamespot or Metacritic (or all of them). And their scores were not consistent.

There is a consensus of some soft in the video gaming review community that SOTTR could be the weakest in the trilogy.

I know we all have our preference on what makes a good Tomb Raider game, but putting that aside, and trying to look more objectively at things (if there is such a thing), what made the first two games of the reboot had a high score, as compared to SOTTR?

1. Is it because SOTTR was puzzle oriented and that got casual fans disappointed?

Lara Croft Go is a pure puzzle game and it's one of the highest rated games in the TR franchise.

2. Is it because SOTTR copied game mechanics?

Rise did the same, and was having higher scores than 2013.

3. Is it because the story was mediocre?

So did the other two.

4. Is it due to lack of action sequences?

Lara Croft Go had none.


Just my two cents...

1. It was the least polished game in the trilogy, and it seems like a big factor in judging the overall merit of the game.

Witcher 3 was also clunky as hell (more so than SOTTR), but it had a very good story to support it.

Lara Croft Go, Tomb Raider Legend, Guardian of Light, Tomb Raider 2013, and Rise were all polished.

Underworld and AOD are not.

There's a pattern here. They have high and low ratings respectively.

2. SOTTR felt like a drag once you reach Paititi.

2013 and Rise did not have those moments. The action scenes were evenly spaced out.

Even the puzzle purist of a game that is Lara Croft Go did not feel like a drag because the levels were evenly divided.

What are your thoughts?
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