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Originally Posted by iWANEX View Post
All of you complaining now should've waited a year for the prize to drop. If you didn't, it's your own responsibility. You can't complain now that the people who want to buy the game, they can do so much cheaper. I mean, what did you expect? Seriously. This is basically common sense. Unless you were born yesterday and have never played a game in your entire life. I paid full prize for Shadow and I've been enjoying the game this past year. The person buying it tomorrow missed it for a whole year, something I would never have the patience of doing. I waited for AC Odyssey's prize to drop, though. And it didn't took that much time, actually, so next time you all know what to do. Wait a whole year for the definitive edition. Problem solved.

And if they decide to release some brand new content now that the Season Pass is completed and charge for it, they have every right to do so. And we all have the choice to buy it OR NOT. Of course the best case would be to get it for free, but I kind of want them to charge us after all of this complaining. Let's speak with our wallets, people.
I'm sorry, but that's not acceptable at all. This is not on people to wait for anything, people will buy what they want and the business should be fair to consumers. It is not the consumers fault when the business tries to give them the shaft. That's why we have consumer protections in place because it is not the consumers fault.

They can be fair and not demand more money after people have paid a substantial amount more. They've got enough money from one person, to charge more would be greedy.
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