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Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
Was this the first time this method was used in the TR series?
I can remember finding an overlapping room in TR1! When I was playing I had this moment of...wait a minute, this room is so long it would be cutting into the adjourning room...and then I realized they were overlapping. I'm pretty sure it wasn't deliberate, though. It was in one of the Cistern levels...if I have some time I'll look and see if I can find the exact spot.

Originally Posted by Gancian View Post
Quick question: How does the SET POSITION command work in the Animation Editor? (WadMerger, WadTool, you name it).
At first I thought that you needed to put Lara's pivot position of the next animation to teleport her there, but inspecting other animations (like the 2 click climb up) it looks like you need to put the offset to add\remove to Lara's current pivot position.
However, the actual numbers inserted by CORE don't seem to line up precisely... I'm not sure how to use the command...
If I remember correctly, SET POSITION will calculate Lara's XYZ position at the very end of the animation, based on the position of her pelvis. The engine will ignore where Lara is positioned in the animation. I.e. you could have Lara physically move one square as part of her animation, but when the next animation plays she will teleport back to the square she was on because the engine was not told to change her position via the command. The pivot of her meshes doesn't play any factor, it's all based on XYZ position.

The coordinates have always confused me, because the WADMerger documentation says the units are based around 1024 being one square, but that's never quite worked for me. I've always had to experiment with changing the numbers little bit by bit to get the desired position. Someone with more experience can probably give you a more detailed explanation of this.
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