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TRNG Updater
(Released 24 January 2010)

TRNG Updater

  • Added the OCB descriptions about FISH_EMITTER item.
  • Created demo about FISH_EMITTER, horizont swapping and still collision. Download the demo named "" in demo section.
  • It has been added the new object FISH_EMITTER
    The fish emitter works like the pirahnas in tomb raider 3, anyway this object is not the same because there have been problems in the importing phase since the code in tr3 used a different particle system. So this is a new object with some new features: you can choose between four different fish types and you can set if you want have predator fish (like piranhas) or unoffensive tropical fish for decorative targets.

    Remark: since in the old tomb4 there was an object named "FISH" but in the reality that slot was a LOCUST emitter, to avoid confusion , the new fish emitter will be placed in new slot named "FISH_EMITTER" while the old "FISH" object now it has been renamed as "LOCUST_EMITTER".

    WARNING: there is the chance that you got an error message when you reload your project wheter you had placed the (old) FISH object.

    The ngle program will ask you:

    "Retain All Triggers
    (Remap To Lara?)"

    Then, indifferently you answer yes or no, the FISH objects will be removed by your project.
    The only difference is that, if you answer [No] the trigger to activate the FISH object will be preserved but now it will point to Lara (instead that to FISH)

    To reduce the troubles with this problem it is better loading your project (only if it has some FISH object (locust) used, of course) with the old version, then you find where you placed the FISH objects using [Advanced Search] button. Sign the room and position of your fish objects and at end, update to new version, load the project and then place the LOCUST_EMITTER where you had the FISH objects.

    I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it was not possible let a FISH slot for locust while the real FISH was in other slot.
  • Fixed bug about vehicles on the elevator.
    In previous version the vehicles were moved correctly on the elevator when lara was driving them, but letting alone the vehicle on elevator, it disappeared moving the elevator to other floors.
  • Fixed internal bug about shatters
    In previous version in the savegame it was saved infos for all extra statics also when they were not shatters.
    This bug caused only a waste of space in the savegame.
  • Added new customize constant: CUST_SET_TEXT_COLOR
    This customize allows to change the default color for many texts in menu, options screen, inventory mode, statistics screen ect
    You can set a new color for wished text type simply typing the text to change, with a TT_ constant value, and typing the wished CL_ .. color constant.
  • Added new script command: CombineItems
    With this new command you can create new combining rules about those inventory items that were able to be combined to get a new item.
    Thanks to this command you can create a weapon (or medipack or examine items) combining two or more different items.
    See description of CombineItems command in "Script new commands" section of "Reference" panel of NG_Center program.
  • Added new flipeffect trigger: "Swap Mesh. Swap mesh of current Horizont object with <&>Slot mesh"
    With this flipeffecf you can change the current horizont in game.
    You have to copy some (new) horizont object in your wad, in some "... _MIP" slot, and then you'll be able to replace it in game.
  • Fixed bug about Lara's invulnerability.
    In the flipeffect: "Lara. (Health) Lara invulnerable for <&>time with (E)effect"
    there was a bug when it has been set a limited time (like some seconds) and the game was saved and reloaded before ending the effect time. In this situation, after reloading, lara remained constantly invulnerable forever.
  • Fixed bug in action trigger: "Move. Move continuously forward-backward <#>animating of (E) clicks"
    In previous versions when you applied above action on some moveable with facing west or east (in ngle view) the trigger failed creating a weird freezing and blinking of moveable.
  • Added customize constant: CUST_SET_STILL_COLLISION
    With this customize you can change the collision method used when Lara touches statics or moveables.
    In default tomb4, when Lara hits an item, she continues to move legs and arms in weird way, while using the still collision (some people called it "hard collision") lara will be stopped with splat when she is in front of the item, or, when there is an acute angle of impact, she will be turned like it happens when lara touches a wall.

    See description of CUST_SET_STILL_COLLISION constant in Reference panel.
  • Added to CUST_SHOW_AMMO_COUNTER customize the new field: ShowCounterFlags (SHOWC_...) field.

    You can type some SHOWC_.. constant in this field to customize furtherly the ammo counter on screen.
    In particular way you can use the new constants: SHOWC_OMIT_AMMO_NAME, SHOWC_USE_GRAPHIC_AMMO and SHOWC_USE_GRAPHIC_WEAPON

    See the SHOWC_.. constants in Reference panel of NG_Center program.
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