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Default [UPDATE] Version of my TR1/UB installer

(where "my" = made using dosbox 0.73 by dosbox devs' team, glide patch by gulikoza, audiopack hack by kmo, InnoSetup by J. Russell)

as for me, other than putting the pieces together and adding a tweak or three, my two cents of direct contribution are mentioned here
at the end of post #7 where I rattle on about the alleged "undeclared Tomb Raider 1 survival beyond WinXP project"
see also posts #9 and 10

v1.6 is out
that makes version 1.4.2 somewhat obsolete, in that the cdrom image now carries all the playstation audio tracks which the pc cd is missing and which (thx to KMO's work) can now be heard ingame
the installer makes them transparently available
also, loading the tunes from image means better performance vs. a replacement cdrom
v1.5 is still there, much lighter (some 5 MB only) as it has no image, then again without all the image's pros, from speed gain and gameplay smoothness to psx tracks extension

June 11, 2020

Update to version

Download link to latest build:!

Recent changes:

Minor code optimization with interface changes as needed [v. 1.7.8]

Enabling the choice of a customized path for the installation drive and/or folder [v. 1.7.7.x]

look up these posts
for details


to quickly sum up main features and latest changes:

System Requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1 and 10
either 32 or 64 bit versions

At least 636.9 MB of free disk space.

Installation Guide

You only have to run the program. It has been designed as a self-extracting installer tool to make all the procedure as user-friendly as can be.
Once the game is installed, you will find shortcuts on your desktop and Start menu to play.


This package installs both TR1 and TRUB files and complete setups, and also Dosbox 0.73 with Glide patch and DirectX9 update, already set and configured to play on Windows XP through 10 32/64bit straight out of the box.

It includes a complete working cdrom image of the original TR1 cdrom too.
Owners of a Sold Out copy of TR1 this way shall be able to hear the music from the pc cdrom soundtracks again, which Sold Out version is missing.
Due to legal considerations, owning a legitimate TR1 cdrom is still required to play, but no accesses get done to the drive, as all files are loaded from cd image copied on hard disk. This way, speed and cdrom longevity are enhanced as the game engine doesn't need to read cd contents anymore.

Self-detects correct cdrom drive letter and CPU 32/64bit architecture.

Revision history

o Enabling the choice of a customized path for the installation drive and/or folder [v. 1.7.7.x]

o Patch for quick toggling of windowed/fullscreen modes [v. 1.7.7]

o Inclusion of FMV deinterlacing patch created by Arsunt and other members of the Tomb Raider Russian Community to enhance the quality of TR1 FMV and shortcut videos. nGlide setup update to v1.05 [v. 1.7.5]

o Inclusion of optional, reversible no-CD patch. Expansion of nGlide configuration at setup [v. 1.7.4]

o Maintenance release. Refurbishment of error messages management in FMV patch addon [v.]

o Revamping of the attached patch for FMV issues, adding quick install/uninstall toggle buttons [v.]

o Rearrangement of soundtrack management and possible customization. PlayStation audio tracks now set as default. Creation of standalone application to optionally and reversibly install Tomb Raider 1 Rerendered Soundtrack by Tomekkobialka [v. 1.7.3]

o Inclusion of Tomb Raider 1 Last Secret Fixer by Suikaze Raider [v. 1.7.2]

o Replacement of original Tomb Raider 1 PlayStation audio tracks (provided since v1.6) with Rerendered Soundtrack by Tomekkobialka [v. 1.7.2]

o Inclusion of optional setup of JoyToKey v5.6, a keyboard emulator for joysticks [v. 1.7.1]

o Fix for compatibility with all the latest editions and repackaging redistributions of the Tomb Raider 1 cdrom available on the market, such as Superbundle, Gog and Steam packages: all these would go otherwise unrecognized thus causing prior installer versions to crash [v. 1.7]

o Inclusion of optional nGlide wrapper v1.03 setup [v. 1.7]

o Inclusion of complete set of PlayStation audio tracks and customized tomb.exe by KMO [v. 1.6]

o Cdaudio playing routine revamping, via recompilation of dosbox.exe. Bugfix for possible depth buffer artifacts affecting some Intel graphics cards via updated glide2x.dll build by gulikoza [v. 1.5]

o Inclusion of cdrom image. Customized setup bitmaps. Patch for possible FMV issues affecting some 64bit machines [v. 1.4.2]

o Maintenance release [v. 1.4.1]

o Full support for 64bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7. Dosbox and glide patch version update to 0.73. Optimization of the glide file set arrangement [v. 1.4]

o Self-dectection of processor architecture (32 vs. 64 bit) [v. 1.3]

o Fix: possible freeze issues with some TR1 cdrom layouts (32 and 64 bit). Fix: performance hits and lockups at onset of gameplay: new game vs. load game stage (32 and 64 bit) [v. 1.2]
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